Lakeview Basketball Clinics 

House League

Learn the basics of basketball such as dribbling, passing, and terminology. Enjoy playing games that help us improve all aspects of playing basketball



Classes are Co-ED

3 to 9 Years Old

All clinics on Sundays

Located at: Nettelhorst School


Our house league is designed for the athletes to have fun first and be competitive second. Each team will be coached by coaches hired by Chai Athletics. All games will be reffed by Chai Athletics staff guaranteeing the developmental process. Each team will have a 45 minute practice before their game on Sundays


Boys and Girls Teams

2nd to 5th Grade


All practices on Sunday followed by a Game

Travel Basketball Teams

Our travel basketball program is for athletes to play against some of the best teams in Illinois. We focus on improving skills as an individual and in a team setting. Athletes learn to run plays, incorporate different game strategies, and advanced skills to get them ready for the next level. Each team has two practices a week and tournaments on Sundays.

Boys and Girls Teams

Coming Spring 2019


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